Price List : Screen Repair

iPhone Screen Repair

5, 5C, 5S, SE Refurbished Original Screen: £45

6 Refurbished Original Screen: £50

6 Plus Refurbished Original Screen: £55

6S Refurbished Original Screen: £55

6S Plus Screen: £60

7 Screen: £55

7 Plus Screen: £60

8 Screen: £60

8 Plus Screen: £60

OEM screens priced and ordered on request.

iPhone charge port prices start at £35

iPhone battery replacement prices start at £35

iPad Screen Repair

iPad Mini 1 & 2  screen £50

iPad 2/3/4  screen £45

iPad Mini 3  screen £65

Air 1, 5th Gen, 6th Gen  screen £55

Air 2 – please call for today’s best prices

iPad battery or charge port replacement start at £45 each

iPad wifi antenna replacement start at £40

Please call for Android device prices

Laptop Repair

Laptop cleanup and virus/malware removal: £30

Laptop screen replacement from £50

Laptop mains charger from £15

No Fix = No Fee and Warranty Details

We do not charge a labor fee for devices that we cannot fix, even if we’ve spent hours troubleshooting!  We don’t believe in diagnostic fees or putting out repairs that we can’t warranty, and therefore we don’t offer a solution for every problem.   If we can’t fix your device, you’ll be quoted no fix options which include:

No Fix Options:

  1. Leaving your device with us for parts/training, no charge.
  2. Receive your device back disassembled and bagged “as is”  Price = £15
  3. Queued to general repair team for reassembly.  Price £30

Warranty Service Options:

We offer an industry-leading 6 months warranty on all board repairs.  If your repair fails within the warranty period, we will either repair the device again, or issue a refund under no fix.  We must see the device again in house to confirm and do failure analysis.  We do not pay for return shipping to us, but we will pick up the shipping tab if the device has a bona fide warranty problem.